Emotions are something that we are born with, but have to learn to understand.  I have always been exceedingly emotionally attuned in that I find I have an easy time identifying with and understanding the feelings of others. Although I grew up in a household with parents who are loving and supportive, and had an upbringing that most would regard as normal, as a child I never learned how to properly cope with or articulate the often-overwhelming amount of emotional empathy and feedback I was experiencing. Throughout my adolescence this lead to feeling broken and disengaged from others in a rhetorical sense, but wholly connected in an inexpressible emotional one. Although my relationship to verbal expression developed later in life, this disconnection from others lead to the development of a significant emotional connection to objects that has stayed with me ever since.

My sculptures combine created two-dimensional and three-dimensional elements with found and appropriated objects and images. The compositions reject permanent fastenings and rely instead on balance and counterbalance to achieve their construction. They are assembled and documented, then deconstructed and recomposed over time to create many different reconstitutions of form from the same expanding library of objects. My interest lies in how these aggregate objects, with their corresponding symbolic referential information, create complex and aggrandized emotional narratives that allow me to intersect personal and universal histories. When selecting my components I search for a visceral or intellectual feedback that connects these past and present emotional narratives in a ubiquitously familiar yet deeply personal synthesis.